Area Inventory

Personal questions:

  • How did someone else’s service help me find Al-Anon?
  • Am I finding ways to make service fun and interesting?
  • Do I talk about the value of service at my meetings or when discussing Al-Anon principles with a fellow member?
  • Do I encourage those I sponsor to find a commitment in Al-Anon?
  • How has service helped me to work on my character defects?
  • Can I find a happy balance that keeps my service commitments from being a burden?
  • If I did a gratitude list regarding my service experiences what sorts of items would appear on that list (people, experiences, support)?

Questions for the Area World Service Committee (AWSC):

  • How can we make the AWSC meetings fun and interesting?
  • How can we make them efficient and relevant?
  • How can we encourage active participation but avoid dominance or wasting time by repetitive statements?
  • How can we foster leadership amongst our fellowship so that service positions aren’t left unfilled?