Job Description: Website Coordinator


The job of the Web Coordinator or Team is to maintain and extend the Vermont Area Al-Anon/Alateen website ( and other information technology (IT) projects of the Area. The work has two main components:

Web Coordinator – Web Posting: This Coordinator interacts most with other members in service as part of the regular operation of Area business –

  • posting calendar events,
  • updating the webpage version of the meeting list, and
  • making other additions of site text and downloadable PDFs.

Helpful Skills:

  • Email: working with distribution lists and attachments
  • Blog management: posting, uploading, downloading, link-pasting
  • Tools:– Google Calendar, PDF generator

Web Coordinator – Maintenance & Hosting: This Coordinator operates behind the scenes, but may experience bursts of activity when the Area launches new IT plans, or when the technology breaks –

  • keeping the website’s software up to date and working (WordPress, theme, and plugins);
  • keeping the annual domain registration up to date, along with the DNS records which keep ‘’ pointing to a world-accessible server (via;
  • hosting the website on that server (presently: rented space at A2hosting; any WordPress-compatible host will do);
  • maintaining the Google Apps for the Domain administrative account and features, including email boxes and forwarders.

Helpful Skills:

  • Content Management: WordPress set-up and administration
  • Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server: File transfers (ftp), directory organization
  • Advanced (useful but not required): MySQL admin, SQL commands

The Website Coordinator is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.


Created: 2009

Revised: 3/2015

Job Description: Alateen Coordinator/Process Person


The Alateen Coordinator must be certified as an Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS).

The Coordinator serves as the contact person for anyone interested in Alateen, whether wanting to serve as an AMIAS, start an Alateen group, expressing concerns about an existing group or with general questions about Alateen. The Coordinator also answers questions AMIAS may have regarding difficult situations or group issues.

The Coordinator chairs at least two AMIAS workshops (Spring Assembly and Fall Assembly) and supports or chairs additional workshops throughout Area 56.

Upon accepting the position, the Coordinator reviews all Area 56 Alateen Guidelines and Forms and brings changes and updates to the AWSC.

Maintains the records and documentation of AMIAS, determining who has qualified for certification by completing the appropriate paperwork and attending the necessary workshops.

Processes the re-certification of AMIAS annually with WSO. This can be done on the computer.

The Alateen Coordinator is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.



Created: 2005

Revised: 3/2015

Job Description: Public Outreach Coordinator


Job Description: Public Outreach Coordinator

  • Liaison with and provide resources/materials for public outreach activities/opportunities to Area District Representatives or District members who do public outreach work.
  • Clarify with the WSO, procedures for doing public outreach work.
  • Organize and coordinate any Area projects for public outreach.

The Public Outreach Coordinator is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.



Created: 3/2015

Job Description: Group Records Coordinator


The work of the Group Records Coordinator (GRC) helps ensure:

  • that information provided to the public about Area Al-Anon and Alateen meetings is kept up to date, so that those seeking our meetings can be sure to find us.
  • that group contact information provided to the WSO is kept up to date, so that WSO’s lines of communication with Area groups will be uninterrupted.

The GRC maintains accurate group records for the Area, updating the WSO’s online database after learning of and verifying any changes. The GRC also communicates changes in meeting times, locations, and status (newly-formed or de-activated) to:

  • Area Coordinators for the Website, Meeting List, and Answering Service.
  • District Representative in the affected district.
  • Area World Service Committee.

The GRC distributes a copy of each District’s information to the District Representatives in advance of a new printing of the Area meeting list, requesting that the information be reviewed, updated, and returned in a timely manner.

The GRC confers with the Meeting List Coordinator before the printing of the new list to ensure good correlation of information.

The GRC may participate in conference calls for GRCs conducted by the WSO.

The Group Records Coordinator is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.



Created: 1/2000

Revised: 4/2015