Basic Structure of Al-Anon/Alateen Service

An understanding of the whole Al-Anon structure will show the important role played by each individual in the overall work of the Al-Anon/Alateen fellowship.


The Group is the basic unit, where close personal interchanges among members take place and where Al-Anon ideas are discussed and applied to specific personal problems. The Group Representative (GR) is a member who represents the group at District meetings and Area Assemblies where groups share information.


The District is a geographic segment containing a number of Groups, located relatively close to one another. Group Representatives attend district meetings to discuss business matters and share their group experiences with each other. The District Representative (DR) is elected by the GRs from among their own number. The DR chairs the district meetings and represents the district’s groups at Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meetings.


The Area is made up of all the districts in a state or province. Area Coordinators coordinate Area-wide services – e.g. Alateen, Answering Service, Archives, Group Records, Literature, Website. (Alateen Coordinators must be certified by the Area they serve.) In addition to monthly meetings, the AWSC organizes Area Assemblies in spring and fall. The World Service Delegate is a member elected at an Area Assembly to represent all the Area’s groups at the annual World Service Conference.


Services are rendered to groups all over the world by the World Service Office (WSO). Among these services is the creation and publication of Conference Approved Literature (CAL).