VT Area Al-Anon/Alateen Convention

Planning for 2023!

It’s time to start planning next year’s Convention!  If you’d like to participate, please get in touch with Convention@VermontAlanonAlateen.org.

Feedback for 2022 Convention Welcome!

Now that the 2022 Convention has come to an end, we’d love to hear your comments! Each year a new Convention Committee reviews your feedback when developing the next Convention, so your feedback is VERY important to us. Please write to Convention@VermontAlanonAlateen.org and tell us about your experiences with:

    • Registration Process
    • Program Format
    • Speaker Meetings
    • Workshop Meetings
    • Hotel Site
    • Hotel Service
    • Hotel Food
    • General Comments & Suggestions

Thank you!


You can reach us at Convention@VermontAlanonAlateen.org.


FYI: Vermont Area Convention Policies & Procedures:

The history of how and when these documents became motions at Vermont Area Assemblies can be found here.