Convention/Area Relationship Task Force

The Convention/Area Relationship Task Force, formed by a vote at the 2016 Fall Assembly, was charged with:

  • examining the relationship between the Convention and the Area
  • reporting on their findings
  • making recommendations to the Assembly

Note: the Task Force is distinct from the Convention Committee, which carries out the Convention planning and events.

The Chair of the Task Force reports regularly to the Area World Service Committee (AWSC). All are welcome and encouraged to attend AWSC meetings. If you wish to contact the Task Force directly, write to

The linked documents below provide information and transparency about the findings of the Task Force as well as tools to aid group/member discussions about this issue:

1.  2017 Spring Assembly Presentation
2.  Group Discussion Tool
3.  What did we ask and what did we learn?
4.  Research document
5.  WSO Convention Guidelines (G20)
6.  What next – suggestions for groups and members
7.  2017 Fall Assembly  motions passed

8.  2018 Spring Assembly: cover letter
9.  2018 Spring Assembly: appendix to WSO Guidelines
10.  2018 Spring Assembly: supporting info to appendix
11.  2018 Fall Assembly: Area 56 Assembly and AWSC Guidelines for Relationship to Convention