Job Description: Area Delegate


The Area Delegate is responsible for the following:

  • Represents Vermont Area Al-Anon Family Groups at the annual World Service Conference (WSC).
  • Attends the annual Northeast Regional Delegates’ meeting in preparation for the WSC.
  • Provides the link of communication between WSO and Area 56.
  • Reviews all correspondence received from WSO and passes on information appropriately to the Assembly and the members of the AWSC in a timely manner.
  • Responds appropriately to requests from WSO for information etc.
  • Sends annually to the WSO an accurate listing including addresses and phone numbers of the members of the AWSC.
  • Visits as many meetings and districts as possible in the Area during the year.
  • Speaks at Al-Anon functions when asked and available.
  • Works with the Area Chair and members of the AWSC to set goals for the Area.
  • Keeps the Alternate Delegate informed on relevant issues so the Alternate may fill in for the Delegate as needed.
  • Maintains files of information received for reference as needed.

The Delegate is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.

Expenses such as postage, phone calls and actual gas cost, and travel expenses within the Area and to the World Service Conference and Northeast Regional Delegates’ meeting will be paid by the Area.


Created: 4/2000

Revised: 3/2015