Delegate’s Corner

Delegates Corner

I attended the World Service Conference (WSC) 2021 that ended 4-16-2021. The big news is about registered electronic meetings. They are now recognized as Registered Electronic Al-Anon Groups. Below are my two reports I will present at Spring Assembly on May 15, 2021. Spring Assembly Delegate Report Cover Spring Assembly Delegate Report Cover

Registered Electronic Meetings

At WSC 2021 there were two motions passed that are related to Registered Electronic Meetings. The below is the jist of these motions.

  1. One motion passed recognizes registered electronic Al-Anon Meetings as registered electronic Al-Anon Groups.
  2. Another motion passed eliminated the restriction of an Area to be defined by geographic boundaries and to simplify language [in the manual] to incorporate both physical and electronic meeting locations. (But geographic areas aren’t obligated to accept electronic groups. The Area needs to decide before March 2022.)

Registered Electronic Al-Anon Groups will have the same service positions as in-person Al-Anon groups. The service positions of Registered Electronic Groups will follow the same guidelines for service positions as physical location meetings.

The Guides

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I received the guides below at WSC 2021. The WSO prepared them to help geographic Areas reach an informed group conscience on this topic.

Registered Electronic Groups will belong to a Non-Panel Area or to a Geographically Based Area

The Electronic Meetings currently registered with the WSO will automatically become Al-Anon Family Groups which are part of a non-panel Area upon the 2021 WSC approving the EMWG Policy Digest and World Service Handbook recommendations. Geographic Areas will have the opportunity to decide whether they want to admit groups which meet electronically into their Areas along with face-to-face groups in the year following the 2021 WSC. The EMWG has prepared a four-page guide and accompanying graphic to help geographic Areas reach an informed group conscience on this topic [guides are linked above].

If a VT Physical Group wanted to become a Registered Electronic Group

If a group that’s registered in the VT area decides they want to become a registered electronic group, they could either stay with the Vermont Area – if the VT area decides to admit registered electronic meetings – or they could withdraw from the VT area and join the new non-panel area. A registered electronic group can only belong to one area, a geographic-based area or to the new non-panel area.

70th Anniversary

The 70th Anniversary is full that will be held virtual by the WSO on July 10, 2021. Space was limited to 500. But WSO will be making the speaker shares available on the al-anon mobile app. Stay tuned.