Delegate’s Corner

Delegates Corner

On Sat August 7, 2021 we will host another Town Hall on Electronic Groups. The first one was in June. We have formed two VT Electronic Meeting Work Group (EMWG) Task Forces. We will talk about them at this town hall. Hope to see you there.

Below are the resources for the Town Hall on Saturday, August 7, 2021. We open at 9:45AM for check-in. The town hall starts at 10AM. Get the zoom details.

Town Hall Saturday August 7, 2021

Electronic Groups: What's next? jigsaw icon.

  1. The Town Hall Flyer
  2. The Town Hall Schedule
  3. Questions & Answers
  4. The WSO Guide: Transforming Electronic Meetings to AFGs-A Guide for Geographically Based Areas Apr 2021
  5. VT EMWG Task Force Charges

About The Graphic and Guide from WSO

I received the two resources below at WSC 2021. The WSO prepared them to help geographic Areas reach an informed group conscience on this topic.

  1. The Graphic: Transforming Electronic Meetings To Al-Anon Family Groups 2021-22
  2. The Guide: Transforming Electronic Meetings to AFGs-A Guide for Geographically Based Areas Apr 2021

WSC 2021

I attended the 61st World Service Conference (WSC) 2021 in April 2021. The big news is that registered electronic meetings are now Registered Electronic Al-Anon Groups. Below are my two reports presented at Spring Assembly on May 15, 2021. Read the Guide and the Graphic from WSO (links above) and my Big News report for full details.

Spring Assembly Delegate Report Cover
Spring Assembly Delegate Report Cover

Registered Electronic Al-Anon Group Motions at WSC 2021:

At WSC 2021 there were two motions passed that are related to Registered Electronic Meetings. The below is the jist of these motions.

  1. One motion passed recognizes registered electronic Al-Anon Meetings as registered electronic Al-Anon Groups.
  2. Another motion passed eliminated the restriction of an Area to be defined by geographic boundaries and to simplify language [in the manual] to incorporate both physical and electronic meeting locations. (But geographic areas aren’t obligated to accept electronic groups. The Area needs to decide before March 2022.)