Delegate’s Corner

Delegates Corner

Read my Delegate Report to the Fall Assembly [PDF]. The Fall 2020 assembly was on 10-17-2020. Contact me at

Al-Anon Family Groups Mobile App

The afg mobile app. learn more.Al-Anon Family Groups mobile app for mobile devices was released 8/14/2020. Visit AFG Mobile App to learn more.

During the installation of the app, you complete a registration form. You are emailed a verification code. You need to enter that code in your mobile device to complete registration. You get detailed instructions during the installation process.

The email for sending App feedback is:

Welcome Electronic Newcomer’s Kit

Let newcomers know to go to The newcomer enters their email address on the form on that page. Clicks submit. The newcomer will automatically receive an email from WSO with a welcome kit of links to podcasts, blogs, an eNewsletter and more.

Al-Anon / Alateen Service Manual: You know it’s new if it says version two (2)

Al-Anon has a new service manual: Revised 2019. You know it’s new if it says version two (2) on the cover.

AFG Connects: A Forum for AWSC Members

If you are an awsc member, you may have access to a private forum known as AFG Connects located at See my 02-15-2020 AWSC Report for a list of which awsc members have access and for login instructions.

AWSC members eligible for AFG Connects access will be able to use it during their service term. (Delegates and past delegates have ongoing access.)

Albert, our group records coordinator, manages the AWSC roster that is sent to WSO. That roster in turn enables access to the forum. Please contact Albert with questions at

The Al-Anon Alateen 2018-2021 Service Manual

The latest manual is the Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2018-2021 [PDF]. Look at the bottom right of the cover. You should see: version two (2).

Delegate Reports (PDFs)