Delegate’s Corner

Delegates Corner

During an Assembly, the Delegate reports the activities of the World Service
Conference. (Service Manual p68)

VT Delegate WSC 2020 Report

On 6/20/2020 at the 1st virtual VT Area Spring Assembly, I presented my WSC 2020 Delegate Report [PDF]. Those who attended heard about the WSO activities and experienced being a conference member by following the WSC virtual etiquette guidelines.

What’s Inside the WSC 2020 Delegate Report [PDF]?

  • News about the new AFG Mobile App to be released in July.
  • The Newcomer’s Electronic Welcome Packet from WSO
  • WSO 2019 and 2020 Budgets

Did you know?

Electronic meetings do not have a GR, and they are not part of an area structure. Electronic groups do have a CMA. Learn more about electronic meetings inside my report.

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Welcome Electronic Newcomer’s Kit

Effective 5-21-2020, newcomers may get a Welcome Newcomer Kit from the World Service Office (WSO). Go to Enter your email address in the form. Click Submit. You will then receive an email from WSO of welcome kit of links to podcasts, blogs, an eNewsletter and more. Visit

This kit is available to any newcomer to any Al-Anon / Alateen group whether it is temporary or not. It is available to registered and non-registered groups.

Appeal from WSO dated May 14, 2020

donate to WSOWSO needs our financial help. Please donate. On 5/14/2020 Cathy T, Treasurer of AFG Inc (WSO) asked delegates to send out the WSO Letter of Appeal.

“Significant cost cutting measures have been implemented including elimination of Staff merit and cost of living increases for 2020; all Staff travel through the end of the year; and Board, Executive, and Finance Committee travel through the end of August. Additionally, after prayerful consideration of our projected cash position, Staff furlough and layoff actions were taken Friday, May 1. All Staff who were impacted are eligible for the expanded unemployment coverage due to COVID-19.”  Read the full WSO Letter of Appeal. Learn how to make a 7th Tradition donation.

al-anon manual version twoYou know it’s new if it says version two (2)

Al-Anon has a new service manual: Revised 2019. You know it’s new if it says version two (2) on the cover.

Message from WSO Suzanne M dated 2/21/20

“The 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27) version two (2) is identified with version two (2) on the cover and the title page, and it includes extensive changes across all sections of the Manual. Therefore, change pages are not available to download.

The vertical bold lines in the margins on the sides of the pages indicate where changes have been made. Although there is no distinction regarding the bold lines between version two (2) and the original 2018-2021 Service Manual, in general, version two (2) includes motions related to the Service Manual that have been approved since the original 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual was printed.

Going forward, we will consider how best to indicate the changes that we make to the next version.

We are no longer including the Amendments section. The World Service Conference Summary contains an explanation regarding the reason for the informed group conscience decision(s) to make the changes to the Twelve Concepts of Service descriptive text section of the Service Manual which provides an official archive for the fellowship of the history of changes rather than just the previous wording.”

AFG Connects

If you are an awsc member, you may have access to log into AFG Connects which is located at Please refer to my 02-15-2020 AWSC Report to see a list of which area members have access and for instructions on how to get your login.

AWSC members who are eligible for AFG Connects access will be able to use it for the duration of their service term. (Delegates and past delegates have ongoing access.) Albert, our group records coordinator, manages the AWSC roster that is sent to WSO. You may contact Albert with questions.

Delegate Reports to the AWSC

Read my reports (PDFs) below. Contact me at