Job Description: Alternate Delegate


The Alternate Delegate works closely with the Delegate and provides support to the Delegate. The Alternate should be informed of information from WSO, so that in the event the Delegate is unable to attend the World Service Conference, the Alternate is prepared to attend in the Delegate’s place to provide informed representation for the Area. The Alternate Delegate may fill in for the Delegate at AWSC meetings and Assemblies if necessary. The Alternate should be familiar with all the responsibilities of the Delegate. The Alternate and the Delegate may share the responsibility of visiting group and district meetings.

The Alternate Delegate also monitors the link on our Al-Anon website and addresses the issues that are raised or forwards them to the respective members of the appropriate committee.

The Alternate Delegate is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.


Created: 4/2000

Revised: 3/2015

Reviewed: 3/2007