Job Description: Area Chairperson


The Area Chairperson is responsible for the following:

  • Chairs all Area World Service Committee meetings and Area Assemblies, facilitating an informed group conscience without governing (Tradition 2).
  • Attempts to reach, through information and discussion, unanimity in all Area matters (Warranty 3), making sure that minorities are heard (Concept 4).
  • Prepares (in consultation with AWSC members) the agenda for each meeting, keeping in mind our common welfare and opportunities for the growth of each committee member in service (Tradition 1).
  • Encourages communication among AWSC members, during and between meetings.
  • Encourages the AWSC to reach reasonable goals.
  • Maintains clarity and direction during meetings.
  • Oversees panel review of all Alateen forms.

The Area Chairperson is not a voting member of the Area World Service Committee, except in the case of a tie vote.

Created: 1991

Revised: 4/2000, 3/2015