Job Description: Area Secretary


The primary purpose for the Area Secretary is to accurately and completely reflect a written record of all proceedings and discussions at AWSC and Assembly meetings.

The Area Secretary is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating notices with the Area Chair.
  • Taking minutes for each Area World Service Committee meeting and each Area Assembly.
  • Distributing the completed AWSC minutes within two weeks after the meeting to all area officers, coordinators and district representatives, as well as past delegates.
  • Distributing the completed Area Assembly minutes within two weeks after the Assembly to all groups who were represented at the Assembly, the District Representatives, and the AWSC.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date contacts list of Area Officers and Coordinators.
  • Maintaining a binder of paper copies of documents for Archival purposes.
  • Checking the Area post office box prior to each AWSC meeting.

The Area Secretary is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.


Created: 2/2000

Revised: 3/2007, 3/2015