Job Description: Website Coordinator


The job of the Web Coordinator or Team is to maintain and extend the Vermont Area Al-Anon/Alateen website ( and other information technology (IT) projects of the Area. The work has two main components:

Web Coordinator – Web Posting: This Coordinator interacts most with other members in service as part of the regular operation of Area business –

  • posting calendar events,
  • updating the webpage version of the meeting list, and
  • making other additions of site text and downloadable PDFs.

Helpful Skills:

  • Email: working with distribution lists and attachments
  • Blog management: posting, uploading, downloading, link-pasting
  • Tools:– Google Calendar, PDF generator

Web Coordinator – Maintenance & Hosting: This Coordinator operates behind the scenes, but may experience bursts of activity when the Area launches new IT plans, or when the technology breaks –

  • keeping the website’s software up to date and working (WordPress, theme, and plugins);
  • keeping the annual domain registration up to date, along with the DNS records which keep ‘’ pointing to a world-accessible server (via;
  • hosting the website on that server (presently: rented space at A2hosting; any WordPress-compatible host will do);
  • maintaining the Google Apps for the Domain administrative account and features, including email boxes and forwarders.

Helpful Skills:

  • Content Management: WordPress set-up and administration
  • Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server: File transfers (ftp), directory organization
  • Advanced (useful but not required): MySQL admin, SQL commands

The Website Coordinator is a voting member of the Area World Service Committee.


Created: 2009

Revised: 3/2015