Motion Log for Meetings of VT Area Assembly and AWSC

At the November 2015 meeting of the Vermont Area World Service Committee (AWSC), the following motion was unanimously passed:

To keep a Motion Log for future reference in an accessible place, to be maintained by the secretary.

The Motion Log documents all significant motions made by the Vermont Area Assembly and AWSC. Note: the Vermont Area, which includes all meetings in the state of Vermont and a few in western New Hampshire, is Al-Anon Area 56.

Having motions easily accessible facilitates research on issues and provides historical background for current discussions. The Log provides date information to track back to specific minutes in the Area Archives as needed. It provides transparency to our broader fellowship in the Vermont Area. Note: any redacted phrases are to honor our tradition of anonymity. Redacted information can be found in archival minutes.

Passed motions represent our ongoing process of decision-making.

The Motion Log is available for the following years, grouped by AWSC service terms (“Panels”). Click on the desired years to view and download.